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The Flying Dolphin experience is a program of supra-aquatic local and international poetic actions. This program is carried out jointly by the Artichaut company, the political science laboratory of Delphi (Greece), an Amerindian Apache delegation and NASA.

Thank you in advance if you wish to participate in this study take a few minutes to complete the questionnaire

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Blue Re Lov ution for Emmanuel

Send Emmanuel Macron a postcard, blue love and an idea/action to take care of the planet


In other words, we invite you to post a Blue Love postcard [or a postcard of your choice] to the Elysée [M. Emmanuel Macron, Elysée Palace, 55 rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, 75008 PARIS]  on which you put a big dose of love and a positive idea/action to take care of the Earth.

According to Professor Igor Hertzegovian of the Neuroquantum Research Laboratory in Basel, this  mass mailing of postcards [objectives 10  000] is "a consciousness bomb capable of breaking down the most stubborn mental barriers."


At the time of writing to you, nearly 500 Blue Love cards have been sent to Emmanuel Macron, whose ecological awareness is awakening fervently every day.


If you want to spread the experience near you, you can order Blue Love cards [group shipment from 20 cards] at free price on

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