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Sunday Afternoon Dreams and Nightmares


Sunday April 29  //Sunday June 10 from 2:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. at the Moulin Plessard in Clisson


To let the Sunday afternoon slide in style, we offer you this workshop. We will give free rein to our imagination and our creativity by expressing, sharing and bringing into play our most beautiful nightmares and our sweetest (and craziest) dreams.

Description of a session

During this workshop, we will perform physical warm-ups, vocal technique exercises, sophrology and daydreaming with the Tibetan bowl to let go and free the unconscious.

We will share our dreams and nightmares and use this imaginary material to create improvisations.

The workshop will take place in a benevolent atmosphere and in good humor.



Workshop led by Michaël Benoit, actor and director of the Artichoke company.  Michaël has been leading improvisation and theatrical creation workshops since 2009 with children, students and adults.


Practical arrangements

4 hour workshop

Price  : 25€ per workshop  (+ 10€  membership of the Artichoke association) /

Low income rate  : 15€ / Solidarity rate  : 35€
Location  : Moulin Plessard dance hall, 44190 CLISSON


Open to all, beginners welcome, from 15 years old.


Contact, information and registrations / 0680439979 /

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