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Sabine Pappas, also known as Peter Pan, came into this world in the vicinity of the Pyrenees in France. Her formative years unfolded amidst the captivating landscapes of Greece, fostering a deep-seated curiosity for the exploration of 'heterotopias.' Embarking on an academic odyssey spanning over nine years, Sabine delved into the realms of sociolinguistics, theater, sustainability, and sciences of education culminating in 2018 in co-founding the boundary-defying initiative, sChOoLwithOuT frOntiers.
Her passion for cross-pollinating worlds translates into engagement in several not-for-profit organizations working on: regenerative farming, consumer cooperatives, popular education, agroforestry, and permaculture. At the core of her multifaceted expertise lies a role as a coordinator for European projects and an Agile learning facilitator.
Beyond her intellectual pursuits, Sabine finds equilibrium by serving as a nature guide in her beloved Cycladic islands during the summertime. Currently, she embarks on a soul-enriching journey towards the East, immersing herself in the realms of aquatic exploration and healing movement.

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