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Jean Patrice Fanchon, first deputy mayor of the 20th arrondissement of Paris, in charge of the alternative and collaborative economy and new secular spiritualities, close collaborator of Frédérique Calandra and cousin by marriage of Anne Hidalgo, tirelessly surveys his arrondissement, assisted by his faithful right arm Rudy Garcia, a brilliant young man from the suburbs recently recruited  on a subsidized employment contract.



During his first year in office, he notably obtained high-flying approval and funding (results of a public/private synergy) for two large-scale projects  : the removal of concrete from the rue du chemin vert with the installation of the largest roadside vegetable garden in the world, installation of the first photovoltaic tomb plant in Père Lachaise, etc.



Jean Patrice and Rudy propose to come to your municipality to continue this field work in the region, far from the heaviness of centralized power, “  where everything is possible  as Jean Patrice puts it so forcefully.




In accordance with the implementing decree of August 28, 2015 and the decentralization orientation directive, the government has delegated to French municipalities - in the greatest secrecy - the power to create ZURPs on their territory.

ZURPs are Priority Realistic Utopia Zones.

In these areas, the municipalities have the possibility, without any limit, except those of the imagination, to set up delirious, although realistic, development and urban planning projects in favor of ecology and clean energy, alternative positive economy, friendly eco-housing, development of the arts, secular spirituality, alternative care and well-being, continuing education... Financial envelopes will be opened, laws and norms will be erased, and happiness will emerge.

Let's create a ZURP together in your town today  !






To create a ZURP, nothing could be simpler. Jean Patrice Fanchon assisted by his faithful Rudy, propose to come to your municipality to pilot the establishment of a ZURP. Trained from his youth in project management like the biggest consulting firms in the world, which he remixed with a collaborative and participatory sauce, Jean Patrice offers a 3-step-process that we summarize here  :

  • Constitution of a ZURP action committee with the inhabitants of the municipality

We are recruiting motivated residents to join the action committee. Any inhabitant who joins an action committee follows a process of fictional identity transformation. In other words, each inhabitant creates a new fictitious identity for the needs of the ZURP, according to his centers of interest. For example, a man named Michel Ménart who is a baker could become Alain Bernstein, a philanthropic investment banker following a burnout and promote the replacement of all commercial banks in the territory by ethical banks and the establishment negative rate loan, but this is just one example.

  • Identification by the ZURP action committee of urban spaces to be decolonized

The action committee thus constituted, identifies, through introspective investigative ballads©, places to be decolonized in the municipality  : banks (example cited above), buildings, roads to be deconcreted, lakes to be dug, gardens and trees to be planted.

A list of places is drawn up for consideration.



  • Implementation  actions of ZURPISATION 

  • The action committee gets into action. On each chosen site, he defines the Zurpisation project.

  • For each project, performance support materials  are created by the committee:

    • Real false architect plans of project description

    • Speeches, testimonials celebrating the realization of these places

    • Writing true-false newspaper articles, official documents (cadastre register, Local Urban Plan)

  • Finally, a large jubilant ambulatory ceremony to inaugurate and launch work on the selected sites,  is organized in the municipality with the help of all the local artistic associations (dance, music, brass band, choir, theatre) to finalize the creation of the ZURP


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