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Freediving and dolphins

Artichoke comes from Pablo Neruda's poem, Ode to the Artichoke. And also because it tastes good and is good for the faith. Artichoke is a protean entity with warrior scales and a big green heart, with a permaculture vocation. Born in 2010, Artichaut works for the release of creative potential in the service of re-enchanted citizen action. Our desire is to offer activities that vibrate at the frequency of the heart of the spectators to make them make quantum leaps in space-time. We promote a "permacole*" theater *permaculture, of permaculture, is said of a mode of conception of autonomous ecosystems, in harmony with nature and favorable to the development of individuals

Over the course of our shows, performances and workshops, the spirit of Artichoke takes shape. We have created 5 shows. Two projects are underway

Back from Vacation. in 2010 / The Co[s]mic Cabaret in 2011 / The Great Turnaround in 2013 / Minotaur and Schmetterling <> (fr) Papillon in 2014 / The employee Arthur in the land of the Great Depression in 2016 / ZURP project, Zone of Utopias Priority Realists in 2016

And animated numerous workshops by focusing the pedagogy around "deep and in-depth improvisation" inspired by the work of Carl Gustav Jung, Joseph Campbell and Paul Rébillot. Particularly with adolescents and children. And in particular within the framework of aid program for equal opportunities (program aiming to give children from modest backgrounds the desire to pursue higher education.) For several years we have been thinking about setting up a place dedicated to the Imaginary in Actions or Materialization of Dreams.

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If you wish to support our eco-(po)ethical actions, you can make a donation. May your generosity be blessed.

Titulaire du compte: Artichaut
IBAN: FR76 3000 3004 4100 0372 8190 080


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