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Dear multidimensional explorers, come and dive at the border of dreams and reality, where the gentle caress of the wind of freedom shivers.


We develop and offer a pedagogy around deep and in-depth improvisation. Deep in the sense that we appeal to the Jungian deep unconscious (notably through dreams, meditation). In-depth, because improvisation serves as the basis for a work of theatrical and physical elaboration.

Intervention examples  :

-           Since 2009, animation of theatrical creation workshops within equal opportunities assistance programs (PQPM program at ESSEC (Cergy, 95), Central Equal Opportunities program (Chateney Malabry, 92)

oh   36 hours per year and per group of 12 pupils of theatrical improvisation and creation workshops with 2nd and 1st year pupils selected for their aptitudes, their motivation and their disadvantaged social background.

oh   These workshops aim to develop self-confidence, oral fluency, the ability to work in a team and the release of emotions and potential.

-           Since 2014, leading creative seminars with students from the Masters in Management of Cultural and Creative Activities at Toulouse Business School  :

oh   15 hours of workshops for a group of 25 students aimed at creating a collective performance in situ in the Zen garden of the city of Toulouse.

oh   In 2016, show on the theme of water (student testimonials and presentation file)

-           2015/2016 with the students of the ICAM (Catholic Institute of Arts and Crafts) of Sénart (77), we intervened in the Human Training module of the engineering course.

oh   With a group of 40 students,  based on a work of introspection in connection with their engineering training, we designed a walking show based on Don Quixote on the theme  : what is a knight engineer of modern times  ?

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