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or how to get out of burnout in urban, rural and epidural settings

According to the very serious study carried out by the very serious Technologia polling institute, in May 2014, 3.2 million working people in France were in a situation of excessive and compulsive work  with pathological over-commitment and a high risk of developing a burnout syndrome, in other words a burnout – literally  : burn from the inside. Burnout, without a doubt, is a symptomatic phenomenon of our society. It highlights in particular our inability to say NO.


Patrick Merlin, player-enchanter by trade and his team of tennis court fairies, invite us to an experiential conference. They will take us on the trail of a legend snatched from oblivion from this ancestral time when fear of the crisis reigned supreme, the legend of Employee Arthur in the Land of the Great Depression.

They will replay this fiction with you to walk the paths of consolation and regain the ability to act in a free, joyful and singular way.


Duration  : 1h15, come with your sports shoes.

With :

Clara Robert

Celine Roth

Benjamin Lhommas

Aurelien Shaman Bambi

Michael Benoit

Text:  Michael Benoit


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