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Office of Poetic Actions

The Bureau d'Actions Poétiques (BAP) de l'Artichaut with its multi-faceted core business deals with poetry in all its forms  : poetics of the city and the territory, ecological and natural poetics, economic and social poetics, energy poetics to name but a few.


In other words, the BAP designs and produces tailor-made artistic performances for your events.  : celebration, animations, tourist visits…


The objective of the BAP is to highlight, through ephemeral fictions, the beauty of a place or a moment.


The BAP is at your disposal to study your projects.


Our references in this area  


Sensitive and theatrical ballads  : theatrical performance at the Zen garden in Toulouse (2013, 2014, 2015), ballad of the elements, becoming water (Drôme, Luc en Diois, 2014)


Inauguration of imaginary places  : deconcrete removal of rue du Chemin Vert to create the largest pedestrian vegetable garden in the world (La Petite Rockette, Paris, 2014) , merger of Grand Celland and Petit Celland at the Grand Bal'Zart festival (Manche, 2014)


Scripted and ritualized celebrations of life's highlights  : retirement of an employee (Wancourt (62), 2015),


ZURP Project , Zone of Realistic Priority Utopias  (in progress, Barjols (13), file available on the website)

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