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The Family Boom

Artichoke offers a SHOW RITUAL for all ages.

The family boom is first of all a boom, of course, to be enjoyed with the family. Parents and children will taste the pleasure of dance and will be able to mutually appreciate their talents which defy the laws of time and transcend generational barriers.

But the family boom is also more than a boom  : it's a show somewhere between a surprise party, a fairground cabaret and a tonic gym class. Everyone will go on a musical journey aboard the Archimedes whale. A world tour in 80 minus 20 minutes, orchestrated by the Whale's Company team. Its commander, Bob the weasel, helped by his faithful second Maurice, romantic adventurer although a little psychologically fragile  ; the cabin crew, Bernarde, a bit of a hermit but faithful to her post, her multilingual steward Jacques Crème, Vanuatu, the Mary Poppins of cruises, and of course, the man without whom nothing would be possible, but don't tell him , because he is very modest and he hates having flowers thrown at him except perhaps in Tahiti if they are scented with Monoï and around the neck, our evening captain, Jon As.

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