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Back from vacation. appears like a dream on stage.  


Sometimes dream, sometimes nightmare, the conscience of Monsieur Yourself has a cabaret allure. A cabaret where Madame Loyale officiates to put on the show. A sensational show based on the life - or rather the lives - of Monsieur Yourself: daily life, fantasized life, dreamlike life and real life.


And Monsieur Yourself to get to know all the characters who inhabit his unconscious.  As in the cabaret, therefore, here, in the consciousness of Monsieur Yourself, theater, clowning, dance come together.


The musicians on stage, like the musical arm of Madame Loyale, drive the rhythm, unleash the elements to better allow calm and serenity to reign afterwards. 

Back from Vacation. also invites the spectator to be carried away by the energy of the dream .


The play of the actors and the musicians, the perfumes, the sounds and the lights will participate in this invitation to let go of the mind and to the communion of consciences.

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