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Yannick Benoit



I was born in 1983, I started playing music at a very young age with the recorder, an instrument that I still particularly like. Today my favorite instrument is the saxophone, I also use my voice more and more. Since my beginnings, thanks to the teachings of my first music teacher Jean Francois Millet, I have been playing and improvising. In order to deepen my musical knowledge, I went through the Paris Conservatory, which allowed me to meet the big names in Jazz and improvised music from France and elsewhere. I also learned a lot by listening and analyzing the playing and music of Jazz legends of the 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s...  Today I feed on world music, particularly Mongolian singing techniques and the Australian didgeridoo and I work to understand and feel the effect of sounds on the body. I composed the music for 2 pieces of the artichoke company , I teach music, I write arrangements for small Jazz formations, I lead a children's choir in the context of extracurricular workshops and  I perform in several formations including the Bibendum Orchestra. 

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