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"We are in 2016 after  Jesus Christ. All of France is occupied by the European Central Bank and the Buffalo Grill... All of it? No! A community of municipalities has made a facetious volte face and has declared itself the first post-capitalist atoll and life is not easy every day for the directors of the Edouard Leclerc center and the Crédit Agricole branch.


History, balance sheet & outlook

source Wikipedia


The community of communes of Maxi Celland was born from the merger of Grand Celland and Petit Celland (50). It is the first community of French municipalities to have adopted the territorial status of atoll-postcapitalist after an absolute majority vote of the citizens' assembly of September 21, 2016.

Following this measure, the citizens of the community of communes  organize themselves so that the Maxi Celland becomes what it has always been, an oasis of human biodiversity, a laboratory for experimenting with new harmonious ways of life for nature and people.

"We abandon the threadbare and too narrow standardized clothes of traditional capitalist institutions which promote withdrawal, fear and lack and willingly trade them for new shimmering costumes of new forms of cooperative organizations, centered on the care of the other, on openness, abundance, sharing and the expression of each person's uniqueness. " extract from Jean Patrice Fanchon's speech of September 22, 2016

The first actions

Although very young, the community of communes was quick to roll up their sleeves.

The first measures have flourished from the wishes of citizens and supported psychologically and financially by the community of municipalities:

  • Opening of the first international center for aquaquantum training: learning to take care of water to learn to take care of others to learn to take care of oneself.

  • Opening of a cooperative, ecological grocery store with local products in the town center,

  • Provision of premises to create an associative and cultural bar.

  • Installation of a farmer-baker with provision of communal land to grow cereals,

  • Installation of an organic market gardener on communal land to supply schools and local administrations,

  • Consultation on the establishment of a wind farm on a human scale, in partnership with Enercoop.

In 2018, in association with the aquaquantum training center, creation of a hippocampus, center for the development of creativity and dreams.

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