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Our show is based in particular on the work of Masaru Emoto. Masaru Emoto carried out experiments to prove that the intentions emitted in the form of thoughts, sounds, words, music could modify the crystalline structure of water  by assuming that water is capable of storing this information in the form of vibration; the novelty of Masaru Emoto's work lies in particular in the fact of studying water not only through its three states (liquid, solid, gaseous)  but to have considered the infinity of crystalline structures that water can adopt.


His experience is as follows  : he places water from the same source in containers and then subjects this water to different influences. For example, he writes on one "  Love  » and on the other «  You are nothing  ". After a certain time of exposure he places these containers in a freezer. When the water is in the form of ice, he photographs the water under a microscope to observe the crystal structure. The crystals formed by water in the case of positive intentions are structured harmoniously while


that in the case of negative intentions, the crystals struggle to structure themselves. However, beyond the chemical composition, it is the structure of the molecules that makes its properties. The properties of water are therefore modified by the intentions. Thought acts on matter. CQFD

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